400 Watt Power Dome Mini Generator

Without electricity, our lives would certainly be pretty dull; no video games, television or computers? What would we do!?
With the Power Dome Mini Generator, you’ll never have to go without electricity again! The internal battery can be charged and taken on the road with you, and is capable of providing power for almost any device you can think of, providing you with two built-in AC wall sockets.

The batteries on a full charge will power a TV for 5 hours, or a PS2 for 8 hours. It even carries enough of a charge to jump-start a car. If you need power on those long car trips, you can plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter so that it can just keep that electricity coming! The 275 psi air compressor and utility light, both included with the unit, are also quite handy to have. The power is yours!