Sometimes it can be difficult to use your iPod when your hands are busy or it isn’t easily accessible, like when you have your iPod in your pocket. So why not make your iPod hands-free with the Accenda Voice Activated Control Adapter for iPod? Using the best in speech recognition technology, this device, when hooked up to your iPod, will listen for vocal commands and perform those commands on your iPod, without the need for any more button-pushing!

There is no complicated setup or additional power supply required; simply connect the Accenda to your iPod, plug your headphones into the device, and you’ll be able to command your iPod to “Adjust the Volume’, ‘Go to the next track’, ‘Play’, ‘Stop ‘, ‘Go to the previous track’, and ‘Replay song’, all without ever having to lift a finger!


  • Voice operated control of your iPod
  • Lets you use your iPod any time, anywhere, without lifting a finger
  • Compatible with all external speakers or audio systems that use the iPod headphone port
  • No batteries required, operates using power from your iPod
  • Responds to voice commands out of the box and can be trained to your individual voice
  • Ready to use and respond to voice commands out of the box