altec lansing orbit portable speaker for ipod

When you need a break from your headphones, the Orbit-MP3 speaker system for iPods and MP3 players is the perfect solution. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this system can be comfortably carried in your pocket or bag, ready to be whipped out to share your tunes with anyone within earshot no matter where you go.

The 360-degree sound makes it hard to tell where the music is coming from, but easy to enjoy! The battery life is excellent, allowing for you to listen to your music long into the night.

Plug yourself in! Altec Lansing Orbit Commercial


  • Sound clarity with depth Excellent musicality is powered by acoustic tayloring.
  • 360-degree sound field Integrates a cone design with a custom-built Altec Lansing speaker to project sound in all directions.
  • Long battery life Plays for up to 24 hours on 3 AAA batteries.
  • Shock-resistant – The rugged Orbit is durable enough for the most intrepid traveler.
  • Personal configuration – Place the Orbit on its edge for directed, more personal listening.
  • Ultra-portable speaker system for iPod and other MP3 players