The Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer may well be one of the most sophisticated R/C flying vehicles you can lay your hands on, incorporating some amazing technology into a package hardly any bigger than your palm. The four propellers are surprisingly easy to control, thanks to the solid-state accelerometer built into the flying saucer which helps to keep it stable by sensing its position on two axes and automatically making the necessary adjustments, keeping you steady while in flight.

The automatic trim feature eliminates the need for any dials or buttons to adjust; all you need to do is power-cycle the remote, and the Flying Saucer will auto-trim using the accelerometer to guide it. With the 4-channel control, you can more the Flying Saucer left or right, forward and reverse, as well as rotate in place and both climb and descend. It really does perform like something from out of this world!