Wi-Spy - the world's smallest 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer

The Wi-Spy is the world’s smallest 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer, specially designed for analyzing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Capable of detecting and analyzing the signal strength of both Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth signals, as well as 2.4 GHz cordless phones, microwaves, Zigbee and a variety of other 2.4 GHz transmitters, this is quite a nifty piece of technology to have on hand.

A simple glance at the Wi-Spy will tell you which channels are quiet and which ones are best avoided, making it easy to select a low-traffic channel as your access point from wherever you are.

With the newly improved Chanalyzer 2.0 software that comes with the Wi-Spy, you’ll be treated to a completely redesigned interface that gives you the information you need in a clear and concise manner, which, when combined with the Wi-Spy, will help you to visualize, optimize and fix any issues with your wireless network with the greatest of easy.


  • Helps you identify wi-fi interference
  • Frequency range is 2.400 – 2.485 GHz
  • Record/playback data traces
  • Frequency/amplitude marker
  • Spectral, Topographic, and Planar Views