Audio Gadgets

Whether you’re looking to up the audio quality on your sound system or gaming system, you should check out some of these audio gadgets! Everything from the absolute necessities to hip new technology which will amaze your friends. If you’re an audiophile, or shopping for one, the possibilities here are sure to amaze.

Creative D100 & D200 – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

creative d100 portable bluetooth speaker

Creative has expanded their offer with two new Bluetooth speaker models, designed for those of you who prefer portable devices, e.g. smartphones.

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Logitech Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi

logitech squeezebox touch wifi

Logitech has finally introduced the long anticipated wireless music server – the Squeezebox Touch.

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Thomson HED138


The new HED138 headphones from Thomson come in four different color versions: red, orange, blue and pink.

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Hyundai RTCC 513 RIP – retro record player with CD & FM

hyundai rtcc 513 rip

Hyundai RTCC 513 RIP stands out with its retro styling and ability to play vinyl, CDs (MP3 and WMA formats), audio cassettes as well as a traditional FM/AM radio.

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TDK TH-WR700 wireless headphones

tdk th wr700 wireless headphones

TDK has just introduced to the Japanese market the new wireless TH-WR700 headphones using the Kleer technology.

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OFF Technologies High End multimedia device


This device reads all available audio and video file formats, combining the functionality of several traditional devices. It offers the user the possibility of browsing photos on the Internet, listening to radio broadcasts, playing CDs and DVDs.

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JVC HA-NC260 Headphones

jvc ha nc260

JVC has introduces their new HA-NC260 Headphones with the advanced technology of background sounds elimination (up to 90%).

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Mint Cube – Retro MP3 Player

mint cube retro mp3 player

Mint Cube is a MP3 player designed and built by Mintpass studio. It has three analog meters and each one of them shows different indicators (battery level, volume level etc.).

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