Audio Gadgets

Whether you’re looking to up the audio quality on your sound system or gaming system, you should check out some of these audio gadgets! Everything from the absolute necessities to hip new technology which will amaze your friends. If you’re an audiophile, or shopping for one, the possibilities here are sure to amaze.

Hallods F43 MP4 – a portable multimedia player with HD screen

hallods f43 mp4 portable multimedia player with hd screen

The new Hallods F43 MP4 is probably the first ever portable multimedia player with a HD screen allowing to play movies in 1280 x 720 resolution.

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Blacknote DSS 15

blacknote dss 15

Blacknote Company extends its offer for a new, cheapest D/A converter, DSS 15, allowing playback of music files from a portable flash memory or other physical media such as external hard drives or SD memory card.

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Cowon iAudio E2 Don’t forget me

cowon iaudio e2 dont forget me
Cowon, a South Korean manufacturer of music players, released the new version of iAudio E2 player.

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Ceramic Speakers – porcelain and cork speakers for luxury lovers

ceramic speakers joey roth

The simply named Ceramic Speakers from the designer Joey Roth are made from porcelain and cork. According to Roth, the porcelain and cork chamber of the speakers will allow high-resolution sound.

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Logitech Speaker System Z320

logitech speaker system z320

Logitech unveils four new 360-Degree Sound multimedia speaker systems: Logitech Speaker System Z320, Logitech Speaker System Z323, Logitech Speaker System Z520 and Logitech Speaker System Z523.

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Sony Walkman E440

sony walkman e440

The new E440 WALKMAN from Sony has a 9.3mm thick chassis and comes in two colors – black and red.

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Panasonic Moon Jewel

panasonic moon jewel

A new great gadget has just appeared on Japanese market and on the Internet – it’s called “Moon Jewel” and it came from Panasonic.

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Vedia Muzzio Cutedoks


Vedia – the Polish producer of multimedia players, announced the introduction of a new product line – Muzzio.

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