Audio Gadgets

Whether you’re looking to up the audio quality on your sound system or gaming system, you should check out some of these audio gadgets! Everything from the absolute necessities to hip new technology which will amaze your friends. If you’re an audiophile, or shopping for one, the possibilities here are sure to amaze.

Digitize your old cassettes with the ION USB Cassette Recorder TAPE2PC

ION USB Cassette Recorder TAPE2PC

The new Ion USB Cassette Recorder, the TAPE2PC, provides you with a dual-dubbing cassette deck which allows you to easily convert old cassette recordings into a digital format for storage on your PC or external drive. It is also fully compatible with iTunes, if you prefer.

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Klipsch Image earphones: Lightweight, comfortable, and ready to rock!

Klipsch Image earphones

These lightweight and incredibly comfortable in-ear headphones are absolutely amazing; you’ll barely even feel them while listening to your favourite tunes. Fitting easily in your ears, you’ll be treated to rich sound quality and crisp tones even when listening at low volumes.

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Convert Stereo To 5.1 Surround Sound with Sizen iM10

Not everyone is able to shell out the cash for a full 5.1 stereo surround sound, but with the Sizen iM10, you can get that 5.1 stereo sound without all of the added costs! The ultimate Sizen iM10 uses bass and treble reinforcement technology, known as AST, to upscale regular 2.1 stereo into amazing 5.1 surround sound quality output.

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Sony rolly: The Dancing Robot

The Sony Rolly mini robot is a dancing robot, capable of rolling around to any one of the songs you load into it. We expect it to be a big hit with children this year. A G-force sensor can determine if a player is moving up or down, and each robot can be pre-programmed with various movements along with music, storing these on its 2GB flash memory drive via Bluetooth. The robot will flap its wings and change colors during songs as well.

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Move over iPod, here comes the Zune MP3 player

With the Zune MP3 player at your side, you can not only listen to music, but also watch videos, view pictures and even listen to FM radio (a feature you won’t find in an iPod), which lets you stay in touch with the latest news or sports. The Zune was even designed with an underlying philosophy of sharing and community, and as such allows people to connect with the tools they need to share their entertainment experiences.

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Take those movies anywhere with the Archos 605 Portable Media Player

The new Archos 605 Portable Media Player has some stunning features, including some of the highest quality screen resolution available, as well as high quality audio. The touch screen and Wi-Fi connection capabilities allow it to stream content from online directly to the Archos, or output it to your television.

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Wonderfully Waterproof CD player

Using new technology, there is finally a waterproof CD player that can not only give you peace of mind around the pool or beach, but also great high-quality sound as well. Using stereo speakers and aluminum cone drivers, this unit delivers very clear sound, and is capable of reading CD/CD-RWs, and even MP3s. You can also go through 99 albums and 255 tracks, allowing you to listen to up to 12 hours of your favourite music.
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Cowon D2 portable media player

The Cowon d2 portable media player, brought to you by COWON America in California, has quite a few selling points.

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