The new Alesis MultiPort help bring high-quality iPod recording power to your desktop. Delivering professional-quality recording capabilities, the MultiPort is perfect for anyone interested in recording any audio files to their iPod.

Whether you’re a DJ or a musician, or would like to make recordings of presentations or speeches, the MultiPort is easy to use, with simple built-in level meters, integrated iPod controls and headphone monitoring. Regardless of what it is you want to record to your iPod, you can rest assured that the MultiPort is equal to the task, and you won’t need any complicated software or to set up a bunch of cluttered cables.

The industrial-grade balanced inputs, phantom power for professional or consumer microphones and Ľ” stereo outputs help to put the MultiPort into a higher class when it comes to iPod recording. Despite all of the features packed into this unit, the MultiPort is quite compact, making it perfect for use anywhere you need it.