bandai smart berry

In an effort to provide stronger role models and inspirational toys for young girls in Japan, the people over at Bandai have created their new mobile communicator, the “Smart Berry”, which bares a striking resemblance to a Mylo, but with a new pastel color paint job. It comes with a touchscreen LCD panel (2”x1.4”), a slide-out keyboard and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for easy e-mail access chatting and playing of online games.

Each device will register a user profile, so that Smart Berry owners are only able to send and receive mail from other friends. It also has the ability to connect up to four units together to communicate with each other, provided they are within 10 meters of one another. Also included is an electronic, Tamagotchi-like pet to keep you entertained. Each unit costs $97, and is designed with girls ages 6-9 years old in mind.