Home Projector ScreenThe MP512, developed by BenQ, is the new and stylish projector  for your business or your home. With the aspherical lens, the MP short-throw projector can project a clear image in only half the distance of traditional projectors, and with the ratio lens carefully focused, the projector can deliver a large-screen projection in tight spaces, so you can deliver a theatre-like presentation without the need for a large area. Other brands cannot deliver this same level of quality in such a small space.
The MP video home projector screen lets you have the same high-quality projection capability offered by other systems, but requires only half the distance of other models. You will no longer be limited by your choice of venue, you can use this projector at almost any location! Additionally, the shorter projection distance means that you can stand by the projected image without the light shining into your eyes, which lets you keep your focus on your audience when making those important presentations. With a 4000 hour lamp life (twice the life expectancy of the average projector), you will spend more of your time enjoying movies at home or making those important presentations, and less time changing bulbs.