xbox 360 120gb hard drive

If you’re the kind of Xbox 360 gamer who is constantly looking for more downloadable content, then you’re going to love this Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive, which allows you to store a tremendous amount of data for your Xbox 360.

Whether you’re saving your game progress, Xbox live gamer profile, custom soundtracks from your music collection or downloadable game demos, this hard drive will have plenty of space for you to use. It will hold games and movies that you get from Xbox Live Marketplace, and allow you to play the various games available on Xbox Live Arcade. The data transfer kit will easily allow you to move your data from your 20GB HDD to your new 120GB HDD with minimal effort, so you won’t have to worry about losing your previously saved files when you upgrade!


  • The 120 GB Hard Drive matches the style of the original Xbox 360 console and 20GB Hard Drive
  • Even the most dedicated of gamers could spend a lifetime trying to fill up 120GB with game saves
  • Rip CDs to the hard drive with reckless abandon and no concern for space constraints
  • Xbox Live Marketplace offers a wide variety of video content from gaming and movie trailers to television programs and HD movie rentals
  • Download gamer pics and dashboard themes from Xbox Live Marketplace or create your own with the Xbox Live Vision Camera.

120GB HDD Unboxing (Xbox 360)