Electronic Listening Device

With the Orbitor, you too can have some of the same powers as the bionic man. With its 10x prism optical zoom, you can see things clearly from large distances, and better yet, you can use the powerful system to capture sounds and voices from over 300 feet away. This makes it great for taking to the sports stadium and listening in on all of the action on the sidelines, making it seem like you’re right in there with the other players.The Orbitor Electronic Listening Device lets you eavesdrop from quite a distance away, unnoticed by your unsuspecting targets. It is also perfect for the outdoorsman, letting you listen in and observe nature while keeping a safe distance between you and the other animals, allowing you for great opportunities for observation. Our top-of-the-line secret surveillance device is great for a variety of situations.

If you’re an opera lover or like to frequent the theatre, you’ll love to have the Orbitor with you, giving you a great view and awesome sound from any seat in the house. There is even an electronic playback feature on the Orbitor that lets you record and play back up to 120 seconds of sound. The system comes complete with a pair of comfortable padded full-size headphones, and requires only one 9-volt battery (not included). Happy spying!