Car Gadgets

Many of us spend a lot of time in the car, so why not get a few car gadgets to make those trips a little less stressful and a lot more fun? Help calm your road rage, or keep the family happy on those long road trips. We’ve got all the car gadgets you need to hit the road with confidence.

Take control of your car from anywhere with bluetooth auto car remote starter

With the MFC Bluetooth auto car remote starter, you can take control of your car from just about anywhere. This ingenious device allows you to take advantage of a whole host of your car’s features. The unit is capable of remote engine start/cutoff, keyless entry, panic alarm, opening/closing power windows, engine diagnostics and custom features.

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LED car license plate billboard

With the LED car license plate billboard, you can broadcast your personal messages to all the motorists on the road. You can tell the person behind you to slow down or put a little more distance between you, or you can just wish everyone a nice day.

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Turns Your Car Cassette into MP3 Device – SD Card Based MP3 Player

If you’ve got an older stereo system in your car that only takes cassettes, but all your favourite tunes are on your MP3 player, then this is the perfect gadget for you. This MP3 player can work just like any other, but comes with the added feature in that it can plug into any cassette deck and play your tunes through the stereo or car speakers.  Read the rest of this entry »

Garmin GPSMAP 296 ultimate navigator aid

GPS MapWhether you navigate by air, land or sea, the new Garmin GPSMAP 296 is the ultimate navigator’s aid. Its FlightBook software lets you keep a logbook on it, recording your flying hours and letting you save and manage flight data. This color aviation portable navigation device is packed full of functions, and all of these benefits come to you in such a small package, making it easy to take with you anywhere. Change from navigating in the air to marine or automotive mode with just the touch of a button!
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