Cheap Gadgets

Technology is always getting smaller, faster, and cheaper! Here, we bring you some of the coolest gadgets that won’t put a hurt on your wallet. You’ll be amazed at what you can get for under $10, with cheap gadgets available that are both useful and guaranteed to impress your friends. We can hear them now, “That cost HOW much?”

Best toothpaste squeezer

The toothpaste tube has been around for ages, and it is definitely time for an upgrade! Those tubes that you throw always seem to have a fair bit left in them, but it’s always difficult to get that last bit of toothpaste out. Now, an independent inventor has recently received a patent for his creation, a toothbrush with a detachable toothpaste tube squeezer built in. Although it is not currently available in stores, this inventor has high hopes for his creation.

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USB FlexLight

USB Flex LightEver found yourself in need of a little more light around your computer? Trouble seeing that keyboard, or your notes? Then you really want to give the USB Flex Light a try. Excellent for travel or the office, the Flex Light provides you with gentle illumination without disturbing those around you.
USB Flex Light features:

  • Plugs directly into any USB port, no batteries required!
  • Low power consumption means it won’t drain your laptop batteries, using only 90 seconds per hour of battery charge.
  • Long-lasting LED design provides you with 100,000 hours of illumination!
  • Great for on-the-go, able to store easily in your notebook carrying case.

Source: thinkgeek

USB Mini Lava Lamp

USB Mini Lava LampWant to add a little ambiance to your work area? Need a little more light for that late-night gaming experience? Whether youĺre finishing your papers late at night or just surfing the web, the USB Mini Lava Lamp will be the light of your life. Plug this little light into your USB port and watch it work! The lights, moving ôlavaö and glitter flakes will help give your computer a touch of class, and light up the room in remarkable patterns.
Your USB Mini Lava Lamp comes to you from Original Lava Brand« product and includes both the lamp and one lightbulb. Standing at 6 inches tall and comes with a 4 foot USB cable.

Source: thinkgeek