It’s always good to be able to keep an eye on the time, but we think that clocks are getting a little dull lately. To combat this, we’re happy to present some genuinely fun and unique clocks, guaranteed to entertain (and keep good time as well!) Whether you’re watching the hours pass at work or need something to wake you up in the morning, these clocks will do so with style!

Shake-N-Wake zZZ – a discreet alarm clock

shake n wake zzz discreet alarm clock

The designers of Shake-N-Wake zZ came up with an idea that vibrations, not sounds will be more effective in waking us from our sleep.

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Yamaha TSX-W80 and TSX-70 – iPhone docking alarm clocks

yamaha tsx w80 iphone docking alarm clock

Yamaha launches in Japan the TSX-W80 and TSX-70 iPod speaker docks. The 2.1-channel speaker system offers 4Wx2 stereo output and 8W 75Hz – 20kHz subwoofer.

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Oregon Scientific Self-Setting Atomic Projection Clock: It never loses track of time

oregon scientific self setting atomic projection clock

Not only does this clock keep an accurate measure of the time, but it will also project the numbers onto the ceiling or wall to make it easy to read even in lowlight conditions.

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Wake up to the Space Invaders alarm clock

Space Invaders alarm clock

People in Japan are quite familiar with the Space Invaders alarm clock, and they have finally landed in the UK for your amusement.
Licensed by Taito, the Space Invaders alarm clock sports a classic 70s-style digital screen, showing you the time and, when the alarm goes off, you’ll see an alien invader, complete with all of those classic gaming sounds you remember from yesteryear.

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Digital Clock with Digital Picture frame

Digital travel clocks are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s about time someone gave them an upgrade; now you can load them with your favourite digital photos, and look at them wherever you go.

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The GrooveToons iPod Nano Alarm Clock and Speakers

Now you can wake up to all of your favourite tracks on your iPod Nano player (1st and 2nd generation) with the GrooveToons alarm clock from Cygnett ($59) on your bedstand.

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Progression Wake-Up Clock

Waking up to the harsh sounds of your alarm clock doesn’t really set you up for a pleasant morning. This innovative wake-up clock uses a gradual increase in ambient lighting, peaceful sounds and stimulating aromas to help gently raise you from your slumber. You can easily set your wake up time, and just place some aromatherapy beads (included with the unit) into the aroma bowl, and select your natural sound setting.
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USB Memory Watch

Ever wished that you could carry your computer files around in something more convenient than that easy-to-misplace memory stick? Well, now you can, with our USB Memory Stick! Keep your files secretly stowed away on your wrist, and look stylish while you’re doing it. Read the rest of this entry »