Concept Gadgets

If you’re looking for some genuinely unique and original gadgets, then look no further. These concept gadgets push the boundaries and are guaranteed to amaze with their creativity and ingenuity. Don’t expect to find a lot of these on the market (at least, not yet), but they certainly offer a promising glimpse into the future of gadgetry!

Electrolux Vacuum with an iPod – Cleaning and Listening to the Music at the Same Time

electrolux vacuum with an ipod

Electrolux – the well known Swedish manufacturer of home and professional appliances has just introduced a vacuum prototype with a built in iPod docking station.

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Retro Philco PC – a retro PC

retro philco pc

Philco PC would probably be just another PC, similar to others available on the market, if it wasn’t for one thing. It’s retro-styled and that makes it an original and flashy gadget for those of you who want something different and stylish on their desks.

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Nova DSLR – a digital SLR camera from the future

nova dslr

Nova DSLR looks a bit like a boomerang or a pair of garden shears. Instead of a traditional grip, the camera was equipped with two arms and a lens between.

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Nikon Coolpix eXtreme – extremely resistant device with a catchy design

nikon coolpix extreme

Coolpix eXtreme is a new Nikon concept camera, designed to work in any environment – wherever you go on your holiday trip.

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Q-SOUND – Solar powered Bluetooth Headphones

Q-SOUND  is a concept device designed by Shepeleff  Stephen, an engineering student at the Transylvania University of Brasov. It generates power from the sunlight.
This gadget is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also a great purchase for those of us who are tired of using regular Bluetooth headphones that need charging all the time.

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Forget your phone – here comes Nanophone 45LX – a subdermal telephone

nanophone 45lx

Nanophone 45LX will soon revolutionize the world of mobile telephony. Nanophone 45LX – or, in short, NP45LX – is no larger than the tip of a match. Powered by body heat, it will use the body as the aerial, while being completely harmless for the owner. It’s going to be the first generation of devices that will change mobile telephony forever.

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Apple triBook, bringing more screen space in a smaller package

Apple triBook

Sure, we all like our laptops to be small and portable, but we have having small screens that go with them! The Apple triBook tries to tackle that problem, by creating a fold-out expansion to the main laptop screen, giving you more viewing space while still remaining compact and lightweight. This will be a great bonus for many people who oftentimes find themselves running short on screen space.

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Olo computer: The docking station for your smartphone

Olo computer

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, approaching the capabilities of some older small computers. So the Olo helps to expand your phone’s capabilities by providing your phone with a docking station, without any processor, memory or wireless interface. Rather, it simply utilizes all of the resources available from your smartphone.

Basically, the Olo utilizes the touchscreen on your smartphone as a trackpad, allowing you to interface with your phone using the OS of the connected system.

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