Concept Gadgets

If you’re looking for some genuinely unique and original gadgets, then look no further. These concept gadgets push the boundaries and are guaranteed to amaze with their creativity and ingenuity. Don’t expect to find a lot of these on the market (at least, not yet), but they certainly offer a promising glimpse into the future of gadgetry!

The Disposable Nail Watch from Timex

Timex is celebrating its 150th Anniversary by creating the Timex2154: THE fUTURE OF TIME global design competition, run in conjunction with Core77. The new TX54 was a runner-up at the event, being a disposable timepiece that is worn on the user’s thumbnail, making it a rather useful fashion accessory.

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Skyros aerial photography camera

The Skyros, created by Siddharth Kambe, is an aerial camera which can be fired pneumatically up to a height of 120 feet, allowing you to get a birds-eye view of the surrounding area. You can view the images from the base launcher with the built-in sensors. The camera is built with protective rings and a tripod, and comes with different modes to meet various needs.

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Nokia Aeon – concept phone with full surface screen

The new Aeon from the research and development teams at Nokia is quite impressive to look at. Its most prominent feature is its touchscreen which covers the complete surface of the phone, which is reminiscent of BenQ-Siemen’s Black box concept phone seen recently.

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Nike FeelFree headset

This is an interesting concept brought to you by the people at Nike. The Nike FeelFree headset sits on top of your head and sends vibrations through your bone, at varying frequencies. Vibrations above 40Hz will increase your perception and help you solve problems.

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Solar power barbecue

The whole world is looking for ways to become more eco-friendly and utilize renewable energy sources, and now you can do your part by using a solar power barbecue. Requiring only the power of the sun to operate, you’ll never have to go out to refill yet another propane tank.

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