Not everyone is able to shell out the cash for a full 5.1 stereo surround sound, but with the Sizen iM10, you can get that 5.1 stereo sound without all of the added costs! The ultimate Sizen iM10 uses bass and treble reinforcement technology, known as AST, to upscale regular 2.1 stereo into amazing 5.1 surround sound quality output.

The AST combined with DBE technology to properly balance the sound will give you incredible results. Powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery, you will get 7.5 hours of use out of a 2.5 hour charge. The mini-USB jack allows you to recharge the unit using a laptop or desktop computer. The iM10 also features three different operating modes, allowing it to be used with regular stereo sound or 2×5.1 modes to optimize your music or movie playback experience.

The Sizen iM10 is scheduled to become available in Japan in six different colors, selling for around $90.