Crazy Gadgets

Whether you’re into the wild, wacky or weird, these gadgets are sure to have something in store for you. These inventors were certainly creative when they came up with these technical marvels, and that means all the more fun and entertainment for us! Be prepared for just about anything with these crazy gadgets, which will do some things you might have never imagined!

Tokyoflash Kisai Traffic


The Japanese are definitely the masters in inventing crazy gadgets. The popular Tokyoflash watches, on which reading the hour is almost impossible, can be a great example.

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Hyundai RTCC 513 RIP – retro record player with CD & FM

hyundai rtcc 513 rip

Hyundai RTCC 513 RIP stands out with its retro styling and ability to play vinyl, CDs (MP3 and WMA formats), audio cassettes as well as a traditional FM/AM radio.

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AIMAT – a Camera in Shape of a Gun, Just Aim and Shoot!

aimat camera in shape of a gun

A German student invented a camera based on a toy gun – a camera lens is hidden in a barrel.

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Electrolux Vacuum with an iPod – Cleaning and Listening to the Music at the Same Time

electrolux vacuum with an ipod

Electrolux – the well known Swedish manufacturer of home and professional appliances has just introduced a vacuum prototype with a built in iPod docking station.

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NTT DoCoMo – eye control headphones

ntt docomo eye controlled headphones

Researchers at NTT DoCoMo have developed a set of prototype in-ear headphones that can detect and measures changes in the body’s electrical state that take place when your eyes move, and have harnessed this technology to control the MP3 player on a mobile phone.

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i.Saw – an USB chainsaw


i.Saw is compact and provides a lot of mobility. It is made of plastic and light metal alloys.

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Toilet Golf: Practice Putting while on the Porcelain

toilet golf

If you’re tired of reading dull books while sitting on the John, then you’re going to love the Toilet Golf bath mat! This mat fits perfectly around the base of any toilet, and comes complete with two golf balls, a putting stick and a cup with a flag.

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The sQuba car is at home on the road or beneath the waves!

squba car

Once the stuff of movie action heroes, the sQuba car has now become the world’s first underwater car!

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