Crazy Gadgets

Whether you’re into the wild, wacky or weird, these gadgets are sure to have something in store for you. These inventors were certainly creative when they came up with these technical marvels, and that means all the more fun and entertainment for us! Be prepared for just about anything with these crazy gadgets, which will do some things you might have never imagined!

Shoe phone

shoe phone

An Australian scientist Paul Gardner-Stephen has designed a phone that can be hidden in… a shoe. The idea was inspired by a spy comedy from 1960s “Get Smart!”.

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Casmobot – a Wii-controlled lawnmower

Employees of a Danish university designed a technological wonder called Casmobot.

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Plantronics Bluetooth – headset of the champions

plantronics bluetooth

Plantronics made only one piece of this headset based on Discovery 925 model. The device is to be sold during a charity auction for Elle Charity.

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Make Your Home Look Occupied with FakeTV

Burglars are always on the prowl for an empty house to loot. Nowadays, just leaving the lights on when you go out may not be enough to keep them away, but now you can outsmart them with the FakeTV.

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Solar power barbecue

The whole world is looking for ways to become more eco-friendly and utilize renewable energy sources, and now you can do your part by using a solar power barbecue. Requiring only the power of the sun to operate, you’ll never have to go out to refill yet another propane tank.

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Talking toilet paper holder

This is definitely one of the biggest surprises anyone will ever find in your bathroom: a talking toilet paper holder! With this unique invention, you can record (and re-record) any message, sound or music clip you want, and have it played back automatically whenever the spindle rolls with the toilet paper. This is guaranteed to shock and amaze anyone who enters and is caught unawares!
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Radio controlled energy drink server

Anyone who likes to throw pool parties is going to love the Radio Control Snack Float, which lets you deliver refreshments to your pool guests in the water without having to get all wet yourself!

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iPod Toilet Paper Holder

This latest innovation in iPod accessories is actually set up in you washroom, and works not only as a toilet-paper dispenser, but lets you connect your iPod to its dock connectors. This makes it easy for people to listen to their iPods while they are in the washroom, so you can sing in the showers or while you shave, which is great for your morning routine.

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