Many of us find ourselves in the same situation time and time again: we’ve taken some handwritten notes, and now we have to spend additional time typing them up on a computer. If you want to get past this inconvenience, then you’re going to love the Digiscribble.

This handy invention will learn to read your handwriting and convert it into typed text without the hassle of spending ages in front of a keyboard. The Digiscribble uses a remote device which is placed on top of your paper and allows you to write up to 50 pages of text on A4 paper, remembering everything that you write. The software included with the Digiscribble will then allow you to convert those notes into text on your computer, and even import your notes directly into applications such as Microsoft Word.


  • Capture your handwritten notes and scribbles on a remote device
  • Save time and convert handwritten notes to typed text
  • Learns your handwriting for accurate results
  • Stores 50 full pages of A4 text
  • Save notes in the Note Taker software supplied or import to other applications like Word
  • Backup your notes to CD or DVD
  • Capture writing in 15 languages
  • Use pen as a mouse