Digital Cameras

It seems like everyone has a digital camera, whether it’s the latest digital SLR or just a built-in digital cameras with their smart-phone. Come check out some of these digi-cams, each with something to offer everyone from the amateur photographer to the seasoned paparazzi. With one of these digital cameras, you can easily capture all of those special moments in your life.

Samsung ST45 – a new ultra-slim 12mp camera just 15mm thick

samsung st45

Samsung has announced the new digital photo camera – ST45, designed to be as most portable and handy device as possible.

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Samsung ST500 and ST550 with front and rear LCDs

samsung st500-st550

Samsung’s latest digital cameras, the ST500 and ST550 come with front and rear LCDs . The front LCD allows consumers to take accurate portraits using the front image as a guide.

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Nikon Coolpix eXtreme – extremely resistant device with a catchy design

nikon coolpix extreme

Coolpix eXtreme is a new Nikon concept camera, designed to work in any environment – wherever you go on your holiday trip.

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Waterproof Digital Camera: Capture all those wet and wild moments!

Waterproof Digital Camera

Digital cameras are a great way to capture any special moment, and we love to take them anywhere we go. One limitation has oftentimes been the water-park, or anywhere else that our camera might get wet, but with the Hero III Waterproof Digital Wrist Camera, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. With the convenient watch strap, you can take this little device with you anywhere, and don’t need a spare hand to have it ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

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Pentax K20D digital camera: Satisfy your inner photography nut

The Pentax K20D is a middle-class digital camera with excellent image quality, and more advanced features than most of us will know what to do with when we first start using it! It is more than capable of meeting the many needs of a photo enthusiast, whether you’re just starting out in photography or an advanced amateur photographer.

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Underwater Digital Camera

We may be used to clunky underwater cameras, but the Underwater Digital Camera is fantastic because it is easy to use. With a basic point-and-click two-button control system which automatically takes care of white-balance and whether or not you require flash, you only have to worry about capturing the moment.

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Take underwater photos with Pentax Optio W60 compact digital camera


With the of the PENTAX Optio W60 compact digital camera, you won’t have to worry about getting your camera wet anymore; you’ll be able to take it right into the water with you! We may be used to those large, clunky waterproof camera designs, so the slim look and feel of the Optio W60 is a welcome change.

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