Recently revealed at the 2008 NAMM expo (National Association of Music Merchants) in Anaheim, California, this is an awesome setup for any DJ, providing interfaces with your laptop to give you the ultimate control over your sound.

Although the SC digital DJ rig looks like a traditional analog turntable and mixing board, it is in fact a fully digital system which lets you DJ from your laptop, but giving you a physical feedback system with an old-school feel. The Stanton SC rig comes with two separate units: the SCS.1d virtual turntable ($1,499), and the SCS 1.m virtual mixer ($999). Separately, either of these units can be a formidable tool in the hands of a DJ, but together they form a system that would make any DJ drool.

The Stanton SCS.1d virtual turntable looks like a traditional turntable, and uses a 10-inch, high-towrque motorized platter with a vinyl covering. Mounted on it are various transport controls, rotary encoders with readout strips, navigation keys, pitch sliders and velocity-sensitive MIDI trigger section for launching tracks or samples that can be played from your favourite DJ software.

The brains of the entire rig, though, are housed within the SCS.1m, which contains the virtual mixing board with four-channel strips with EQ control, panning, frossfader and volume faders. It even includes a low-latency FireWire audio interface which allows you to hook it up with your PC, allowing for a 96KHz sample rate that will make all those DJs still using vinyl jealous of what the new digital age has to offer. The four channels also have red LED rotary controls and alphanumeric displays to show labels which you can set using your PC software, so you’ll never mix up your channels again.

The Stanton SC System is scheduled to begin shipping in May 2008, and the full system (consisting of the two units) will retail for approximately $2,499.