Digital Picture Frame

So you’ve got a ton of digital pictures on your computer, but can’t be bothered to have them all printed out (or wouldn’t have space to keep them if you did?) Well, fear not, the solution is a digital picture frame! Why be stuck with just one picture in a frame, when you can load your whole collection into a digital frame and see all of those special moments throughout the day? These will make the perfect gift or addition to your home or office.

Horizontal picture frame with digital clock

This Vertical/Horizontal Picture Frame Clock lets you show off your favourite photographs as well as display a digital clock with the calendar, day and temperature. You can rotate the frame into either the vertical or horizontal position, displaying 4”x6” photos. The unit itself measures 7”x7”x5/8”.
Our custom promotional items provide you with the perfect gift for every occasion.

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New Kodak digital picture frames M1020, M820 and P720

Kodak’s recently unveiled digital is hailed as being what Kodak calls an HD picture frame, capable of presenting high-resolution photos of all your Kodak moments. It also comes with the Quick Touch Border touchscreen controls, making it easy to use.The frames available are the 10” M1020, the 8” M820 and the 7” P720, each sporting resolutions of 800 x 480, 800 x 400 and 480 x 234 pixels respectively. This level of picture quality is quite respectable for a digital picture frame.

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