E-Ink Gadgets

The days of paper books may soon be numbered! In this digital age, ‘electronic paper’, also known as E-Ink gadgets, are becoming more and more widespread, and with these gadgets, it’s easy to see why! Now you can carry several novels, newspapers or magazines in one small device, ready to be read anytime, anywhere! And with access to the internet, you can find almost any book you want at the push of a button!

Sony e-book reader PRS-350

sony e book reader prs 350

Sony has expanded their e-book Reader line with two new models:  PRS-350 and PRS-650.

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Ezy EBook – an E-book Reader with a Color Screen for $199

ezy ebook

Ezy EBook is a great option for those of you looking for a less expensive e-book leader. This device comes for $199.

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E-book reader Plastic Logic QUE proReader

plastic logic que proreader ebook reader

Plastic Logic presented their e-book reader’s line – QUE proReader. The producer promises a big 11-inch screen, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and also embedded software which is hard to find in this sort of devices.

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LG Solar Cell eBook – Solar powered ebook reader

lg-solar cell ebook Solar powered ebook reader

LG Display Unveils “Solar Cell e-Book” – a new e-book reader which features a solar cell. After about 4 to 5 hours in the sun, the solar cell will give the e-book enough power to work for another day.

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Foxit eSlick – The cheapest portable ebook reader

foxit eslick cheap portable ebook reader

Foxit is now accepting pre-orders for eSlick – a hand-held e-book reader. The device costs about half a price of similar gadgets from Amazon or Sony.

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The iLiad – The Next E-Book Reader Competitor

With the iLead Book Edition in your hands, you can read digital books, articles and images on a digital display with such incredible video quality that it reads just as comfortably as actual paper.
The high-contrast screen in combination with the high resolution provided by the iLiad display means you’ll never experience eyestrain while reading, and the screen can be viewed from nearly 180°, leaving those reflective viewing screens in the past.

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Your Digital Flexible E-Book Reader from Plastic Logic

The Plastic Logic E-Book reader which uses the same technology as the Sony reader and Amazon Kindle, but is also flexible like an actual book, allowing you to bend it and roll it up for convenience. Measuring approximately 2.5 times bigger than the Amazon Kinddle (8.5×11 inches), the Plastic Logic features support for Microsoft Office documents, PDF files and has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The Sony PRS-700 – Another Step Forward in E-Book Reader Technology

Digital readers have been gradually improving in quality over the years, and the latest edition from Sony, the PRS-700, is the next generation, with several new improvements over previous models. Measuring about the same size as a slim paperback and weighing only 10 ounces, you can easily transport this unit anywhere you go. The touch screen is a nice addition, allowing you to flip through pages with a simple flick of the finger, and LED reading lights allow you to light up your screen when reading in the dark. Be forewarned, however, that these lights will drain your battery in 8 hours, or 4 is you use the high intensity setting.
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