E-Ink Gadgets

The days of paper books may soon be numbered! In this digital age, ‘electronic paper’, also known as E-Ink gadgets, are becoming more and more widespread, and with these gadgets, it’s easy to see why! Now you can carry several novels, newspapers or magazines in one small device, ready to be read anytime, anywhere! And with access to the internet, you can find almost any book you want at the push of a button!

Snippy – The First Ever Solar Powered E-Book Reader

Portable handheld electronic viewers are becoming all the craze these days, but Snippy is one that stands out as something a little different from the rest; it’s solar powered!

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Bookeen cybook ebook reader

With the Bokeen Cybook, you can take electronic copies of documents and books with you anywhere you go. The specially designed screen makes it easy to read documents under any lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. The Cybook is capable of reading a wide variety of file formats, including HTML, TXT, PRC, PalmDoc and PDF.

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Amazon Kindle reader – Revolutionary Reading Device

With the Amazon Kindle reader, you have wireless, portable access to more than 140,000 books, blogs, magazines and newspapers. You can read while on the road, at home, or anywhere, and the Kindle lets you download anything in its database in under a minute.

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Sony eBook Reader

The new eBook Reader from Sony is perfect for the avid book-lover. This device can pack in up to 160 e-Books, and its slim and compact design lets you take all of those books anywhere you go. Of course, the number of eBooks available is rapidly growing online, so you’ll never be short of good books to read.

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