Eco Gadgets

Yes, being eco-friendly is all the rage these days, so check out some of these eco gadgets. Whether you’re helping to save the world or just save on your electrical bill, these eco-gadgets are both cool, useful, and good for the environment!

Samsung EcoGreen F3EG 2TB – an environmentally friendly HDD

samsung ecogreen f3eg 2tb

Samsung has expanded their offer of the new eco HDD drive. The new product is said to be a most environmentally-friendly device of this type.

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Airnergy Charger – a Charger That Draws Power From Wi-Fi

airnergy charger that draws power from wi fi

Airnergy Charger seems like a dream come true for any of you portable device users. It’s a battery charger which converts Wi-Fi signals to electricity.

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Foxconn bamboo PC cases

foxconn bamboo pc cases

Following the steps of Asus, who announced a notebook with bamboo casing some time ago, Foxconn presents two bamboo cases for regular PCs.

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Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR808HG – a solar powered weather station

oregon scientific weather station bar808hg

Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR208HG provides a weather forecast for the next 12 days and weather alerts.

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LG Solar Cell eBook – Solar powered ebook reader

lg-solar cell ebook Solar powered ebook reader

LG Display Unveils “Solar Cell e-Book” – a new e-book reader which features a solar cell. After about 4 to 5 hours in the sun, the solar cell will give the e-book enough power to work for another day.

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Freeplay Weza – Portable power at your feet

freeplay weza

How many times have you been stuck in need of a way to recharge your cell phone, lights or other low-powered electrical devices, but been unable to do so?

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Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger: Harness the power of the wind

mini wind generator battery charger

Solar-powered battery chargers have become quite popular, but the environmentalist inventors haven’t stopped there! Check out the new Mini Wind Generator Battery Charger!
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Solar Powered Courtesy Light: Power of the Sun, Available at Night

solar powered courtesy light

If you’re finding your home to be badly lit outdoors once the sun has gone down, then you may want to consider purchasing the Solar Powered Courtesy Light. Not only is it easy to set up, convenient and require only solar power to charge its batteries during the day, but it will help keep you and your family safe when coming home in the evenings.
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