Eco Gadgets

Yes, being eco-friendly is all the rage these days, so check out some of these eco gadgets. Whether you’re helping to save the world or just save on your electrical bill, these eco-gadgets are both cool, useful, and good for the environment!

Q-SOUND – Solar powered Bluetooth Headphones

Q-SOUND  is a concept device designed by Shepeleff  Stephen, an engineering student at the Transylvania University of Brasov. It generates power from the sunlight.
This gadget is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also a great purchase for those of us who are tired of using regular Bluetooth headphones that need charging all the time.

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ATP Earthdrive – portable memory from corn

atm earthdrive

Working on environment-friendly IT products can sometimes bring about unusual results. In this case it’s a pendrive with a case made from corn.

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Recharge your battery via USB

recharging battery via usb

Gembird have shown their new device in Hannover – a rechargeable battery that can be charged via the USB port. No more chargers that have to be plugged in.

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Ulysse Nardin Chairman – a luxury smartphone power by… kinetic energy.

ulysse nardin chairman

Ulysse Nardin Chairman does not require a normal battery and has been proclaimed (by the manufacturer) as a “green” mobile phone.

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Have a comfortable shave anywhere with the Powerplus Piranha Dynamo and rechargeable shaver

powerplus piranha dynamo and rechargeable shaver

Sometimes it can be hard to find someplace to shave, whether you’re constantly travelling or going out camping with the family. With the Piranha, created by the folks at Power Plus, you’ll have a great electric shaver with two flexible changeable shaving heads, and it never needs an outlet to work!

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Flying Solar Helicopter: Fly to the sun on the power of the sun!


Solar energy is now letting your toys take to the sky, with the flying solar helicopter.

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The Powerful Pedal powered Power generator Power Plus Gazelle gives you power anywhere!

power plus gazelle

The POWER plus  Gazelle is a specially designed unit that houses a pedal-powered power generator, with an AC/DC Powerbank built-in to the unit. With the POWERplus  Gazelle, you can have the power for any of your mobile devices, and many of your household devices, wherever you go!

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Samsung Blue Earth – the first solar-powered phone with a touchscreen.

samsung blue earth

Blue Earth is the new phone from the Korean manufacturer and it’s the first solar-powered phone to have a full touchscreen.

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