eikon to go digital privacy manager

In this growing digital age, personal security is becoming more and more difficult with the threats posed by phishing, password dictionary attacks and the vast array of malicious software out there today.

The Eikon To Go helps to combat this growing threat by allowing you to select long and complicated passwords, and then letting the Eikon To Go remember your passwords for you automatically when you need them! If you are a Mac user, the Eikon To Go will give you a quick and easy way of unlocking Keychain.


  • Log on to your computer with the swipe of your finger
  • Switch user accounts easily and securely
  • For PC users, use the password bank feature to remember all your online usernames and passwords
  • For Mac users, conveniently access online accounts by unlocking the power of Keychain
  • For PC users, launch your favorite software applications by swiping a particular finger