Electronic Gadgets

With the age of technology upon us, everyone is loading up on all kinds of electronic gadgets. Ever since the advent of electricity, scientist and inventors have come up with all kinds of great electronic gadgets. Take a look at some of the neater ones available!

Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC – the smallest PC desktop in the world

sapphire edge hd mini pc
Sapphire Edge-HD Mini PC was built based on NVIDIA ION 2 platform.

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Twinbird Link Zabady – a Bathroom Media Player

twinbird link zabady

Twinbird is another company which expanded their offer with waterproof audio-video devices suitable to use in the bathroom.

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Canon IXUS 300 HS

canon ixus 300 hs

Canon has just expanded their offer with the new IXUS 300 HS digital camera. The device comes with a 10 Mpix sensor and 240 fps video recording option.
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Panasonic VIERA DMP-BV200 – a Portable TV

panasonic viera dmp bv200

Panasonic Japan has expanded their offer with two new models of portable terrestrial digital TVs – VIERA DMP-BV200 and VIERA DMP-HV100.

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Logitech Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi

logitech squeezebox touch wifi

Logitech has finally introduced the long anticipated wireless music server – the Squeezebox Touch.

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Motorola HS1001 – an Android Home Phone

motorola hs1001

Motorola HS1001 is probably a first home phone with a 1.6 Android operating system.

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Shuttle Barebone XS35 with NVIDIA ION 2

shuttle barebone xs35

Shuttle has launched its new barebone PC which is just 3.3 cm thick.

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nvidia geforce pc kit

NVIDIA GeForce PC Kit is a complete solution for those of you who would like to build yourself a fully optimized PC, designed especially for playing games and enjoying multimedia files.

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