Electronic Gadgets

With the age of technology upon us, everyone is loading up on all kinds of electronic gadgets. Ever since the advent of electricity, scientist and inventors have come up with all kinds of great electronic gadgets. Take a look at some of the neater ones available!

Ultra-thin Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorderLightweight and stylish! Those are the two words that best describe the new Ultra-thin Digital Voice Recorder. So many features have never been seen in something so small! If you want features, quality recording and ease of use in a package so small it will blow your mind, look no further because this is the recorder for you!

Measuring no bigger than your credit card, this recorder can store up to 1GB of recordings, and you can easily upload it to your computer via its convenient flip-out USB connector. The controls are flush-mounted and easy to use, and it doesn’t only work as a recorder! Capable of storing MP3s and other files, you can use it as a music player or to store those important files of yours.

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USB Digital Microscope

Digital microscopeThere is a whole world waiting to be discovered with the USB digital microscope! Capable of taking phenomenal high-quality images and even video, and uploading them directly to your computer via its USB cable, this microscope will open your eyes. You can take a close look at fingerprints, or collect specimens to examine from around your home. Wherever your curiosity leads you, the USB digital microscope is the tool that lets you explore the microscopic world around you!
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Sansa Fuze – Competing with the iPod

Sansa Fuze iPod

Are you looking for a music player, but don’t feel like dealing with iPod’s view of how a player should look and work? Feel like being original, and getting cool features that will make your friends with iPods jealous? Sansa has recently released their new Sansa Fuze, and it is guaranteed to amaze.

This little gadget, smaller than your credit card, can hold 2GB, 4GB or a whopping 8GB of media. The 8GB option has a 24 hour battery life guarantee, giving you plenty of time to listen to up to 2000 songs, measuring at 4 min/song. Read the rest of this entry »