The iPod was a revolution in personal media players, and the iPhone was a revolution in smartphone interfaces, so it only makes sense that Apple takes advantage and bring you both revolutions together in the new iPod touch. Instead of the now common Click Wheel found on older iPod models, the iPod touch allows you to use your finger to command your iPod, looking through your photos, music and videos. You can even use two fingers at once, commanding the menu to zoom in or out of photos and web pages (yes, this iPod can also access the internet!) With built-in Wi-Fi capability, this iPod can now get online, and even download music and videos directly from the iTunes Wi-Fi Store. 

Actually, this iPod starts to look a lot like a smart phone, since it has even more features, like e-mail, maps, weather notifications, notes and stock information. The customizable home screen allows you to set up your own buttons and create some of your own Web Clips. You can also connect your iPod Touch to your computer (PC or MAC) via the Dock Connector & Stereo Minijack, simply by using a USB cable.

iPod Touch – A Guided Tour (Part 1)

iPod Touch – A Guided Tour (Part 2)