Expensive Gadgets

If you’ve got some cash to spare – make that a LOT of cash to spare – then you might want to take a look at some of these expensive gadgets! Generally out of the price range of your average gadget collector, these watches, phones and other accessories will make you instantly recognizable as a “real big spender!”.

Mobiado Classic 712GCB – a Premium Mobile Phone for all you Luxury Lovers

mobiado classic 712gcb luxury cell phone

Mobiado Classic 712GCB comes with 2.2-inch QVGA display, a 5 Mpix flash camera, GPS, 3G connectivity, a music player and a web browser.

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OFF Technologies High End multimedia device


This device reads all available audio and video file formats, combining the functionality of several traditional devices. It offers the user the possibility of browsing photos on the Internet, listening to radio broadcasts, playing CDs and DVDs.

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E-book reader Plastic Logic QUE proReader

plastic logic que proreader ebook reader

Plastic Logic presented their e-book reader’s line – QUE proReader. The producer promises a big 11-inch screen, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and also embedded software which is hard to find in this sort of devices.

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iPhone 3GS Supreme – expensive cell phone worth over $ 3 mln

phone 3gs supreme expensive cell phone

Goldstriker International is a company which specialize in luxury cell phones dressing such as gold and platinum covering.  They has just created probably the most luxurious and expensive cell phone in the world – iPhone 3GS Supreme.

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Oyule – an oil lamp made from traditional light bulbs

oyule oil lamp made from traditional light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs are getting out of fashion and out of use. Luckily there are people who are fond with that king of “retro” stuff and they search for new lives of old things.

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Mercedes CLK GTR

mercedes clk gtr4
In the 90’s Mercedes-AMG manufactured only 26 road GTRs. The road going version wasn’t much different than the original racing version.

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Vioguard UVKB50 – self-sanitizing keyboard

vioguard uvkb50 e28093 self sanitizing keyboard

The new Vioguard UVKB50 has an automatic disinfection mode. The UVKB50 floods the keyboard with germicidal light from a 50W UV light source automatically after every use without any user intervention.

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Ceramic Speakers – porcelain and cork speakers for luxury lovers

ceramic speakers joey roth

The simply named Ceramic Speakers from the designer Joey Roth are made from porcelain and cork. According to Roth, the porcelain and cork chamber of the speakers will allow high-resolution sound.

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