Expensive Gadgets

If you’ve got some cash to spare – make that a LOT of cash to spare – then you might want to take a look at some of these expensive gadgets! Generally out of the price range of your average gadget collector, these watches, phones and other accessories will make you instantly recognizable as a “real big spender!”.

Vivitek H9080FD First LED Full HD projector

vivitek h9080fd full hd projector

Vivitek H9080FD is designed for the most demanding users. It has a full HD (1920 x 1080) LED resolution, a 20.000-hour long life battery and a very impressive 100.000:1 contrast.

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Spy on conversations through walls with the Wall Listening Device

listen through walls device

We’ve all had moments in our lives where we really wished that we could listen into a conversation happening on the other side of the wall. With the Wall Listening Device, you now have that power!

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M’s System MS-Series speakers: Room-Filling Sound Like No Other!

ms system ms series speakers

The M’s System MS-Series speakers are a marvel to behold, and you know they’re of a high quality when the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo decides to place a set in every one of their 36 suites!

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Roth Audio MC4 Music Cocoon – Expensive iPod dock


Roth Audio MC4 Music Cocoon looks much like a tube amplifier, but it’s nothing more than an iPod dock.

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Bang & Olufsen’s 103-inch BeoVision 4-103 plasma for € 100.000

bang olufsens 103 inch beovision 4 103 plasma

BeoVision 4-103 was build using  103-inch Panasonic TH-103PF9 panel , but the design is quite different. This gorgeous plasma weights about 500 kg but it has an automatic rising stand.

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Ulysse Nardin Chairman – a luxury smartphone power by… kinetic energy.

ulysse nardin chairman

Ulysse Nardin Chairman does not require a normal battery and has been proclaimed (by the manufacturer) as a “green” mobile phone.

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MP3 player made of amber – VEDIA Idunn A10

vedia idunn A10 mp3 player made of amber

VEDIA Idunn A1 is a unique MP3 player designed by a well-known polish jeweller – Jaroslaw Westermark. The device is hand-made of Baltic amber, high-grade silver and gold.

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Most advanced gaming chair – SimCraft Apex SC 830

simcraft apex sc 830

SimCraft Apex SC 830 was made for an army and today is considered as the most advanced device of that kind in the world. The structure built form steel tubes doesn’t look nice but leather seat seems to be really comfortable.

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