nanophone 45lx

Nanophone 45LX will soon revolutionize the world of mobile telephony. Nanophone 45LX – or, in short, NP45LX – is no larger than the tip of a match. Powered by body heat, it will use the body as the aerial, while being completely harmless for the owner. It’s going to be the first generation of devices that will change mobile telephony forever.

Nanophone Mark 45 – Light and eXceptional will work with GSM and UMTS networks. Thanks to it’s miniscule size (diameter of 0.8-1mm) and the revolutionary power source, the NP45LX will be a breakthrough in modern molecular electronics and will open a new chapter of telecommunication. NP45LX is going to be more functional and convenient than a standard phone. The first huge advantage is the new way of carrying and usage. The device can be painlessly implanted with an applicator in user’s ear lobe. The ear has a lot of blood vessels and keeps constant body temperature which will give the Nanophone all the power it needs. The Nanophone’s technology will be completely safe for the body! The device will start working around 5 minutes after it’s implanted and it’s nearly invisible in the ear lobe.