When it comes to GPS navigation systems, the Nextar X4B is one of the most advanced systems to come out of Nextar so far, and it is definitely worth taking a look at. The 4.3ö touch screen allows for easy navigation and viewing of U.S. and Canadian maps from Navtek, which are loaded into the 1GB of built-in memory. Also loaded into the memory are over two million different points of interest, so you can always find the nearest market, phone booth, gas station, and more! The unit also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to make hands free phone calls with ease. 

Supporting TTS (Text To Speech) is another nice feature of the Nextar X4B, helping you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while still commanding your GPS system. Inside the Nextar X4B is an Intel Processor and SiRF Star III GPS receiver.