Fun Gadgets

Sometimes, we just want to have a little fun, and these fun gadgets are made for just those kinds of times! These little inventions are absolutely great little time-wasters, and fun gadgets are a great way to keep both yourself and your friends or family entertained whenever things get a little dull.

Rock on into the digital age, with the USB Drum Kit!

USB Drum Kit

The USB Drum Kit is perfect for the novice or experienced drummer alike, allowing them to practice without having to disturb the neighbours by providing you with a headphone jack for nearly silent practice times. All that anyone will hear is the tapping of your sticks on the kit’s specially designed rubber trigger pads, but you’ll be rocking out to the beats that you yourself will be making.

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Popcorn Maker – Air-popped and delicious!


There is nothing better than some air-popped popcorn when watching a movie with friends or family, and without requiring direct heating or a sugar coating, this popcorn maker will provide you with healthier popcorn as well!

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Hasbro A.M.P. Robot: Can he do the robot? Yes he can!

hasbro amp robot

The new A.M.P. Robot from Hasbro is a new contender in the dancing robot category. This Automated Music Personality (A.M.P.) can dance around to any tunes on your MP3 player, simply plug it in and watch it go!

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Make your own Ice Cream, anytime, anywhere with Play-and-Freeze Mega Ice Cream Maker

Play and Freeze Mega Ice Cream Maker

Who knew that making ice cream could be turned into a party game? With the Play-and-Freeze Mega Ice Cream Maker, you can, with no electricity and no elbow grease required! By just adding some ice and rock salt, along with some of the ice cream mix, simply shake, pass or roll up your own ice cream!

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