Garden Gagdets

Many of us like to relax in our gardens, and garden gadgets can help you to get the hard work out of the way so that you’ll have more time to admire the fruits of your labour. Check out some of these garden gadgets, which will make all of that tiring work easier and more enjoyable, and you’ll be amazed at the improvements you may see in the quality of your garden!

Portable and waterproof iPod Outdoor Speaker

portable and waterproof ipod outdoor speaker

Portable and waterproof iPod Outdoor Speaker was designed to be used in outdoor environment. It’s an ideal accessory for the iPod that you can enjoy in the outdoors, and is not only waterproof and dustproof (to IP53 standards), but also shockproof.

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HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 230ACX – an automatic mower


HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER 230ACX is a mower working independently of lawn’s shape, obstacles (e.g. plants, small garden architecture), land features or the weather. It’ll have no trouble to handle bumpy and uneven lawns. AUTOMOWER 230ACX doesn’t emit carbon dioxide or harmful exhausts to the atmosphere.

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Friendly Robotics RL500 Robomower: Never Mow The Lawn Yourself Again

friendly robotics rl500 robomower

The Friendly Robotics RL500 Robomower may not be the easiest invention to set up, but with just an afternoon’s worth of work out in the sun, you can have an automated lawnmower, capable of cutting your grass with no supervision at all!

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Casmobot – a Wii-controlled lawnmower

Employees of a Danish university designed a technological wonder called Casmobot.

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Portable Weber Gas Grill

As summer approaches, the grill-lovers among us start to lick our chops in anticipation of BBQ season. Even the vegetarians look forward to grilled summer squash and roasted corn.

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Weber Spirit gas grill

The Spirit® E-310TM is packed full of all the features you want in a gas grill. Constructed with stainless steel doors, handles, and painted black side and rear panels, this is a very good looking grill.

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Inflatable Water Slide

Reaching 10.5’ high, this incredible inflatable water slide, complete with a tunnel that passes beneath a larger traditional slide, both of which receive a constant supply of water by built-in sprinkler systems and have splash pools at the end of the ride, are ideal for those hot summer days. The 960-watt electric air blower keeps the water slide inflated, and plugs into a standard AC outlet, running quietly in the background.

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