Golf Gadgets

We’ll never cease to be amazed by the wide variety of golf gadgets that are available for all levels of golfers. If you’re looking to improve your game, or just add a little spice and fun when you play, these golf gadgets should help any golfer!

Shadow Caddy – You play, it hauls!

golf shadow caddy

With the Shadow Caddy, you won’t have to lug around your golf clubs around the course, or pay someone to do it for you: the Shadow Caddy is happy to help! Simply by placing your bag on your Shadow Caddy, you’ll be free to walk off and enjoy your game without having to carry a heavy bag with all of your gear.

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Golfotron Golf Simulator: For when you can’t hit the greens yourself

Golfotron Golf Simulator

With the Golfotron golf simulator, you don’t have to go out to the green to practice your game anymore. No longer will you be at the mercy of the whether: now you can take your game indoors, rain or shine. This quiet and realistic indoor golf simulator will help you keep your game sharp without all of the hassle required to go out to the gold course.

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Learn to Play Golf with SensoGlove

The SensoGlove is a great tool for anyone trying to improve their golf game. The built-in computer constantly reads your grip pressure using small, highly responsive sensors. The audio and visual feedback provided by the SensoGloves helps you achieve the exact grip pressure required on your club.

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