european home theater system lg ht953tv

The new HR953TV is a continuation in LG Electronic’s tremendous efforts to bring a sense of style and elegance to its long lineup of audio and video products. This ‘do-everything’ cinema system contains a built-in DVD player with 1080p-upscaling, giving you excellent video quality on your HD television.

The FM radio tuner, iPod connection and USB Plus port with direct recording are excellent features to have in any system, and are seamlessly incorporated into this one. The interesting keyhole design is easily activated by curious people passing by, and the flute-shaped floorstanding speakers provide a treat for both the eyes and the ears. Of course, you get the same high quality of audio that we have come to expect from all of LG’s products, and Mark Levinson, who almost single-handedly invented high-end audio some 30 years ago, has put his special touch to the LG HT953TV.