Home Gadgets

We spend a lot of time in our homes, so why not get a few of these home gadgets to make our lives a little more enjoyable? You’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing out on, and with just a few new home gadgets at your place, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!

Sega Toys Homestar Extra planetarium – The Best Planetarium You’ll Ever Find For Your Own Home

sega toys homestar extra planetarium

You need look no further; believe us when we tell you that the Homestar Extra planetarium is the most advanced home planetarium available to consumers today! Capable of projecting over 10 times as many stars as the older Homestar Pro model, is also provides powerful illumination (over 5 times as much as the previous model), allowing you to see the projections even in dim lighting conditions (rather than requiring completely dark surroundings).

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The Neat Company Presents the Spark Award (2008) Winning NeatReceipts and Neatdesk Mobile scanner: The ultimate de-cluttering devices

neatreceipts neatdesk mobile scanner

If you have a mess of paperwork at home, collected receipts, bills and notices which you don’t feel you should throw away but are cluttering up your house, then the NetReceipts mobile scanner and NeatDesk high-speed desktop scanner may change your life for the better.

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Mic Light – Microphone floor lamp will light up your stage, or your living room!


In a burst of inspiration, somebody has decided to help bring aspiring singers into the ‘limelight’, so to speak, by combining a lamp with a microphone!

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The Powerful Pedal powered Power generator Power Plus Gazelle gives you power anywhere!

power plus gazelle

The POWER plus  Gazelle is a specially designed unit that houses a pedal-powered power generator, with an AC/DC Powerbank built-in to the unit. With the POWERplus  Gazelle, you can have the power for any of your mobile devices, and many of your household devices, wherever you go!

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Logitech Harmony 1100 – one remote to rule them all

logitech harmony 1100

Logitech Harmony 1100 is a remote that can control any electronic device at home. Harmony 1100 looks impressive with its large, 9cm QVGA touchscreen, which is the main central part of the device.

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Save your old videos with the ION USB VHS tape converter

usb vhs tape converter

Many of us have some of our favourite movies or family films hidden somewhere at home on VHS, wondering what we’re going to do with them all now that VCRs are considered relics. Fear not, because with this ION USB VHS tape converter, you can turn any of your old films into digital files, which will work with your computer, iPod or smart phone.

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Bring a bright light anywhere with the Power Plus Shark Waterproof Wind up Torch and Mobile Charger


You’ll never be stuck blind in the dark again with the Power Plus Shark waterproof wind-up torch, which allows you to carry a bright LED light with you wherever you go. Use it in one of two operating  modes: 2 conventional 5mm LEDs, or a single, powerful 1W LED with a high-beam intensity that is visible from 10 kilometers away!

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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote: All of your remotes in one

logitech harmony one advanced universal remote

The folks at Logitech are constantly striving to make your life easier, and they know how many of us have half a dozen remotes sitting on our coffee tables at home, so they’ve given us the answer to this by producing the Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote.

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