Home Gadgets

We spend a lot of time in our homes, so why not get a few of these home gadgets to make our lives a little more enjoyable? You’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing out on, and with just a few new home gadgets at your place, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them!

Radio controlled energy drink server

Anyone who likes to throw pool parties is going to love the Radio Control Snack Float, which lets you deliver refreshments to your pool guests in the water without having to get all wet yourself!

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Ziscor paper shredder

We’ve all heard that we should take measures to protect ourselves against identity theft, such as making sure we use a paper shredder on our personal documents before throwing them out. The Ziszor is a compact, hand-held paper shredder which, although it isn’t designed to handle large piles of paper at once, can be good enough for someone who occasionally needs to destroy a few of their documents to protect their privacy and/or identity information.
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iRobot Scooba Floor Washer

Brought to you by the creators of the Roomba®, this latest autonomous robot, called the Scooba, is capable of quickly and efficiently preparing, washing and scrubbing and tile, linoleum or sealed hardwood floors. Its intelligent circuits will have it clean a medium-sized kitchen floor in as little as one hour, allowing it to navigate independently around your home. On a full battery charge, the Scooba® will clean up to 250 square feet.

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No more problems with opening the door with Locklite

We’ve all found ourselves outside our front door, late at night, and poking around trying to fit the key into the lock in the dark at some point in our lives. Of course we wish there was a better way, and now there is.The Locklite is an ingenious invention which fits over most rounded keys, and contains a small torch which is powerful enough to light up the area around your lock. This allows you to quickly insert your key and get inside, safe and sound, without the awkward fumbling in the dark.

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Telephone with hard disc, music on hold and much more


With computers making their way into almost every home appliance these days, it seems that it was only a matter of time before your home phone started to get just a little smarter. The Iocell Contents Phone contains a hard disk which lets you store music for putting someone on hold, or record your conversations. You can even play a little background music while speaking with someone, if you feel so inclined. Not only does it sport these nifty features, but it looks quite stylish and high-end. Read the rest of this entry »

Leatherman Surge

Latherman SurgeThe Leatherman company consistently provides high-quality items that consistently rank well above your expectations, and the Leatherman Surge is another one of those products. Its small size (11.5 centimetre frame) and lightweight design (355 grams) can be quite deceiving, because this is one tool with a lot of features packed into it!

Housed within the Leatherman Surge, you will find a durable set of pliars, long blades and easy-to-use locks. This multi-tool incorporates a unique blade exchanger with saw and diamond/wood file blades.  Four outside-opening blades are positioned on the exterior of the tool, giving you fast access to the tools that you use the most, and the large and small bit drivers come complete with double-ended bits. Topping this all off with Leatherman’s strongest pair of scissors yet, all of these features make the Surge the ultimate tool for any handyman, and you’ll want it at your side for any job.
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Sun and Moon Jar Solar Lamps

Everyone want to do their part by using eco-friendly lighting, and now you can be environmentally friendly and stylish at the same time, with the Sun Jar Solar Light!

By leaving the jar to collect sunlight on your window sill or in a bright room, the jar conserves the light to release it again automatically when it gets dark again. These jars are completely waterproof, making them perfect for use either indoors or outside, to provide some lighting for your patio or porch. The frosted glass produces a wonderful visual effect, hiding the inner workings of the jar while allowing it to glow majestically, as though you’ve really got a little sun of your own!
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Wonderful centerpieces for your table with Candle Carver

With the Candle Carver, you can turn apples, pears, squash and a great many other fruits and vegetables into wonderful centerpieces for your table. It carves a hole into the fruit just the right size to hold a tea light, making for a great decorative piece when you serve dinner. It improves the atmosphere and food presentation. With a little imagination, you could use the candle carver to create fun chocolate dipping containers, or unique flower vases.  Read the rest of this entry »