Home Theater

Everybody is trying to get the coolest home theatre system, so why not get a few home theatre gadgets that will give you an edge over your competition? These home theatre gadgets will help improve your viewing and listening pleasure, and is sure to impress whenever you have company over for a movie night.

Hewlett-Packard HP MP-200 – Full HD multimedia player

hewlett packard hp mp 200 full hd-multimedia-player

Multimedia player Hewlett-Packard HP MP-200 is intended for home users and comes with autoplay option for movies and pictures.

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Buffalo Japan HD-LBU2/V – record your favorite programs from your TV

buffalo japan hd lbu2 v

Some of the newest TV models have USB connector, and some even have a hard drive to store your favorite programs. If you are unlucky enough to have a plain TV without those options, you can use an external hard drive HD-LBU2/V from Buffalo Japan to record videos right from your HDTV.

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Push2TV HD from Netgear

netgear push2tv hd

Netgear has just presented their new Push2TV HD series TV adapter.

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OFF Technologies High End multimedia device


This device reads all available audio and video file formats, combining the functionality of several traditional devices. It offers the user the possibility of browsing photos on the Internet, listening to radio broadcasts, playing CDs and DVDs.

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Panasonic SC-ZT2 – 3D Wireless Home Theatre

panasonic sc zt2 3D Wireless Home Theatre

The new SC-ZT2 home theatre from Panasonic allows transmitting Full HD 3D signal from the Blu-ray player to any Full HD 3D TV.

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Iomega ScreenPlay Director HD Media Player 1TB

iomega screenplay director

Omega has introduced their new HD multimedia player – ScreenPlay Director HD Media Player. The device plays movies in 1080p resolution and offers as much as 1TB of space.

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Netgear EVA2000 – HD movies directly from Internet on your home TV

netgear eva2000

EVA2000 is a small device which looks like a regular router and allows the user to enjoy the multimedia stored on the PC or external USB on the big screen TV.

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BDX200 – Toshiba’s first Blu-ray player

toshiba-bdx200 blu ray player

Toshiba has announced its first Blu-ray player, the Toshiba BDX2000. The BDX2000 delivers full HD 1080p digital output and supports 24fps playback.

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