Home Theater

Everybody is trying to get the coolest home theatre system, so why not get a few home theatre gadgets that will give you an edge over your competition? These home theatre gadgets will help improve your viewing and listening pleasure, and is sure to impress whenever you have company over for a movie night.

LG HB954TBW Home Theater

lg hb954tbw home theater
LG has decided to combine popular with pleasure by releasing a new HB954TBW Blu-Ray 5.1 Home Theater system, designed for the Korean market.

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M’s System MS-Series speakers: Room-Filling Sound Like No Other!

ms system ms series speakers

The M’s System MS-Series speakers are a marvel to behold, and you know they’re of a high quality when the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo decides to place a set in every one of their 36 suites!

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Bang & Olufsen’s 103-inch BeoVision 4-103 plasma for € 100.000

bang olufsens 103 inch beovision 4 103 plasma

BeoVision 4-103 was build using  103-inch Panasonic TH-103PF9 panel , but the design is quite different. This gorgeous plasma weights about 500 kg but it has an automatic rising stand.

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Huge sound from one single speaker – Altec Lansing PT7031

altec lansing pt7031

You will be amazed at the level and quality of sound that comes out of just one speaker! The PT7031 will allow you to replace an A/V receiver and separate speakers with just one elegant unit, styled to look like an elegant cabinet which can lie on any flat surface, or can be mounted to the wall beneath your flat-screen TV.

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Great Entertainment in your home: The European Home Theater System 2008/2009 – LG HT953TV

european home theater system lg ht953tv

The new HR953TV is a continuation in LG Electronic’s tremendous efforts to bring a sense of style and elegance to its long lineup of audio and video products. This ‘do-everything’ cinema system contains a built-in DVD player with 1080p-upscaling, giving you excellent video quality on your HD television.

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Logitech Harmony 1100 – one remote to rule them all

logitech harmony 1100

Logitech Harmony 1100 is a remote that can control any electronic device at home. Harmony 1100 looks impressive with its large, 9cm QVGA touchscreen, which is the main central part of the device.

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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote: All of your remotes in one

logitech harmony one advanced universal remote

The folks at Logitech are constantly striving to make your life easier, and they know how many of us have half a dozen remotes sitting on our coffee tables at home, so they’ve given us the answer to this by producing the Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote.

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Samsung YA-SBR510- Bluetooth speaker with movement sensor

bluetooth speaker samsung ya sbr510

Samsung YA-SBR510 has a built-in movement sensor, Bluetooth and is compatible with most of modern electronic equipment. An operation of the multi-function speaker is simple, fast and convenient.

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