With the iLead Book Edition in your hands, you can read digital books, articles and images on a digital display with such incredible video quality that it reads just as comfortably as actual paper.
The high-contrast screen in combination with the high resolution provided by the iLiad display means you’ll never experience eyestrain while reading, and the screen can be viewed from nearly 180°, leaving those reflective viewing screens in the past.

The large touchscreen gives you easy access to your library through the innovative iLiad software, allowing you to peruse your books, zoom in and out and even make personal notes while you read, using only the buttons and stylus available with the unit. Whether you’re just reading the daily newspaper, going through RSS feeds or other web content, or taking recent memos to your next business meeting, the iLiad is a handy device for storing all of your digital documents, and great for more leisurely reading as well. It is perfect for taking all of your reading with you on the go, wherever business or pleasure may take you.

The iLiad is capable of opening and viewing Adobe PDF and HTML documents.