Iomega Super eGo 1TB external hard drive

Way back in 1980, the folks at IBM released their first 1GB hard drive. Measuring larger than a coffin and weighing over 500 pounds, you can see we’ve come a long way since then, since that much memory space will literally fit in the palm of our hands these days. Oh, and back then, this drive cost $40,000!

The new Iomega drive can hold a terabyte (1000 GB) of information, which would have blown the minds of the developers at IBM a few decades ago, and all of that will fit into a small package the size of a large flask. We’re sure that some years from now, we’ll be laughing at how big this drive is, but for now, it is quite a lot of storage in quite a small device, making it great for backing up your computers or storing the family photos.