iPod Gadgets

It seems almost everybody has an iPod nowadays, but some people may feel limited by the iPod’s capabilities, or feel like it needs a little something extra. These iPod gadgets may be just the thing to breathe a little new life into your old iPod, or make for the perfect gift for an iPod fanatic.

i3G Power Station – Portable Power for Your iPod and iPhone

i3g power station

You’ll never worry about your iPod or iPhone running out of batteries at an inconvenient moment again, once you have the i3G in your pocket or purse. This ingenious system uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can provide you with up to 250 hours of standby time, five hours of additional talk time or 20 hours of music playback.

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Bose Portable SoundDock – Giving your iPod a new home and a great sound system


With the SoundDock Portable system, you can easily set up this elegantly designed system almost anywhere you want, bringing the proprietary waveguide speaker technology and neodymium speakers easily with you from place to place.

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The Altec Lansing Orbit: Pocket-sized portable speaker for iPods

altec lansing orbit portable speaker for ipod

When you need a break from your headphones, the Orbit-MP3 speaker system for iPods and MP3 players is the perfect solution. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this system can be comfortably carried in your pocket or bag, ready to be whipped out to share your tunes with anyone within earshot no matter where you go.

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Accenda Hands-Free Controller Lets You Order Your iPod Around Verbally


Sometimes it can be difficult to use your iPod when your hands are busy or it isn’t easily accessible, like when you have your iPod in your pocket. So why not make your iPod hands-free with the Accenda Voice Activated Control Adapter for iPod? Using the best in speech recognition technology, this device, when hooked up to your iPod, will listen for vocal commands and perform those commands on your iPod, without the need for any more button-pushing!

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iDuck – wireless waterproof speaker


A brand new approach to the the common bathing gadget, the yellow duck – iDuck. It’s waterproof, it floats and it sings. Well, not exactly sings but it allows you to listen to music while in the bathtub.

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Marantz IS301 – wireless docking station for iPod

marantz is301 wireless docking station for ipod

Connecting an iPod to a hi-fi system to access its large speakers isn’t very functional, as it requires a direct cable connection.

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The Stylish Stubby Maple iPod Touch or iPhone Stand looks great anywhere


Whether you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano or iPod Classic, this iPod stand can be custom-fitted to suit any of your iPod systems.

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Take the power on the road with the FreeLoader Portable Solar Charger

freeloader solar charger

With a Freeloader Portable Solar Charger, you’ll be able to power almost any hand held device wherever you go. Powered by its solar panels or charging cable which plugs into any USB port, the Freeloader can charge it’s internal Li-Ion battery to run just about anything. On a full charge, you can run an iPod for 18hours, or your mobile phone for 44 hours.

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