iPod Gadgets

It seems almost everybody has an iPod nowadays, but some people may feel limited by the iPod’s capabilities, or feel like it needs a little something extra. These iPod gadgets may be just the thing to breathe a little new life into your old iPod, or make for the perfect gift for an iPod fanatic.

The Ghetto Blaster is back, now for your iPod! Presenting: The Fred Flare

ipod ghetto blaster

Ghetto blasters had their hay-day in the eighties, but are making a strong comeback as people try to find different and stylish sound systems that will work with their iPods and MP3 players. The Fred Flare is an excellent option, and makes for a great gift for any music lover.

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Keeping your iPhone or iPod dry with the OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Case

OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Case

Water is the #1 enemy of most electronic devices, and we’ve all been in situations where we’ve worried about getting our phone, camera or MP3 player wet. Now, with the OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Case, you won’t have to worry anymore, as it is 100% waterproof, protecting your favourite gadgets from the water, and it even floats to make retrieval that much easier.

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The GrooveToons iPod Nano Alarm Clock and Speakers

Now you can wake up to all of your favourite tracks on your iPod Nano player (1st and 2nd generation) with the GrooveToons alarm clock from Cygnett ($59) on your bedstand.

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The Gorenje iPod fridge

Gorenje, the Slovenian domestic appliance brand, has recently revealed its newly developed fridge-freezer, which comes complete with a built-in iPod docking station and speakers to provide you with all of your favourite tunes in the kitchen.

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Perfect running mate: The Nike+ Amp iPod Watch

The Nike+ Amp is a new watch from Nike, designed for use with the Nike+ iPod running kit. Capable of tracking your distance travelled, time, speed and calories burned, this is a great tool for anyone serious about keeping track of their progress. Of course, this watch can also tell you the time.

The Polyurethane strap is comfortable to wear, and the LED screen will tell you the time in regular mode, or display your iPod Nano’s controls when being used in Nike+ mode. You’ll also be amazed at the price: for a reasonable $80, the Nike+ Amp can be yours to go. Currently only available in the U.S.A.


A Neck MP3 Pillow Packing some Tunes – compatible with any MP3 player, iPod or Zune

With the MP3 Neck Pillow, you can easily plug in any MP3 player, iPod or Zune, sit back and relax comfortably while listening to your music. Each pillow is made from memory foam, so it will quickly conform to the contours of your neck to maximize customers.

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Awesome Recording Power with the Alesis MultiPort for iPod

The new Alesis MultiPort help bring high-quality iPod recording power to your desktop. Delivering professional-quality recording capabilities, the MultiPort is perfect for anyone interested in recording any audio files to their iPod.
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Simplifying Home Theater with the Denon S-102WD with iPod Dock

If you’re in search of big screen entertainment without the need for a huge stack of complicated components, then the Denon S-102 WD networked entertainment system is the answer you’ve been looking for. This small unit is packed full of features, including a powerful combination DVD/CD player, a wide array of audio and video processing functions, and even an AM/FM tuner.

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