iPod Gadgets

It seems almost everybody has an iPod nowadays, but some people may feel limited by the iPod’s capabilities, or feel like it needs a little something extra. These iPod gadgets may be just the thing to breathe a little new life into your old iPod, or make for the perfect gift for an iPod fanatic.

iPod Toilet Paper Holder

This latest innovation in iPod accessories is actually set up in you washroom, and works not only as a toilet-paper dispenser, but lets you connect your iPod to its dock connectors. This makes it easy for people to listen to their iPods while they are in the washroom, so you can sing in the showers or while you shave, which is great for your morning routine.

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Belkin TuneStudio for iPod – perfect audio mixer

TuneStudio for iPod

The TuneStudio for iPod, brought to you from the people at Belkin, is the first four-channel audio mixer that lets you make high-quality digital recordings and write them directly to your iPod. This compact, portable mixer has a rugged design, allowing it to withstand life on the road, meaning that bands can take it with them to make live recordings of their gigs; just plug your microphones into the TuneStudio and you’re good to go! The four channels let you take input from up to four different instruments or audio sources. Podcasters are going to love this, because you can record your shows anywhere now, either at the studio or on location.

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iKaraoke – take the center stage with your iPod!

iKaraokeLet’s face it, almost all of us like to sing along with our favourite artists, at least when nobody else is listening. Now, you can take the center stage, with the iKaraoke. This fantastic iPod accessory can remove the lead vocals, letting you step up to the microphone and show your stuff. With the push of the button, you become the star of the show. The iKaraoke hooks up to your stereo via the line-in cable. You can play, pause, fast forward and rewind any track, and even add reverb or warbling, and even temporarily drop the original vocals back into the mix. Read the rest of this entry »

Loudspeaker dock for your iPod or iPhone

JBL On Stage

Among all of the available iPod paraphernalia on todayĺs market, the JBL On Stage 200ID loudspeaker dock stands in a league of its own. It is a complete sound system, designed to work with your iPodć and iPhone, and it is certain to become the focal point for your personal entertainment space at home. This system provides a total audio system in just one place, eliminating the need for additional wires creating a mess around your table or desk. Simple plug in your new-generation iPod or iPhone, and you can quickly begin listening to all of your favourite tunes. The JBL On Stage 200ID will give you high-quality, powerful sound, allowing you to have a total music experience in your own home.
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Retro iPod Alarm Clock

Retro ipod alarm clockHere’s the modern take on the old-school twin-belled alarm clocks from ages past. Instead of waking up to ringing bells in the morning, you can now listen to your favorite tunes from the moment you open your eyes. This iPod dock has a sleek design modelled on the classic alarm clock. The Ĺbellsĺ are in fact 3 Watt omni speakers, filling your room with the sweet sound of music whenever your alarm goes off. This alarm clock can be set to wake you up anytime, and does so by playing any playlist, podcast or any other file on your iPod.

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